Common Rummy Terminology Used in Online Rummy Portal!

There are few terms which are used while playing rummy card games online that defines well about the game. Today, let’s discuss the common rummy glossary to understand the game even better. 

Table –
A table is where all the rummy games are played. Players join a table of either 2 players or 6 players according to their choice. 

Draw & Discard –
In all the rummy games, each player is dealt with cards and rest of the cards are kept in the middle of the table. Once a player gets his move, he has to draw a card from the pile and get rid of one useless card. This is called discarding. 

A player can draw the card either from the open discarded pile or from the undealt cards.

Group –
Players can group their cards according to their choice. On Ace2Three table, when a player selects 2 or more cards, he is shown “Group” button, clicking on it will create a separate group for the selected cards.

Round –
A round in any rummy game starts with dealing the cards to every player and ends when someone places a successful show.

Dealing –
The act of distributing the cards to all the players is termed as “Dealing”

Chips –
Chips are used for playing a game of Indian Rummy in the online rummy portal. When a player plays a game, a specific amount of chips are deducted from his account & if a player wins the game a specific amount of chips is added to his account.

Three types of chips are available @ Ace2Three –   
  • Play Chips – 5000 play chips are credited to a player's account on the first time registration. These play chips are used for playing free rummy games.
  • Real Chips – Real chips are purchased with real money. Players with the first-time purchase get a  100% welcome bonus of upto Rs.1700. With real chips participate in real cash games & win real cash prizes.
  • Tournament Chips – this chips are added at the time of registration to the tourneys & are used only in multi-table tournaments.

Pure Life –
A Life is a sequence of at least 3 cards of the same suit without any jokers. To place a successful show, a player must have 1 Pure Life.

Life with Joker

Joker –
One card is picked randomly from the remaining cards & is considered as a joker for the particular game. Apart from this, there will be 2 joker cards with Joker symbol which can be used to make a set. However, there should be at least 1 pure life to complete a successful show. 

Drop –
Any player can choose not to play the game before drawing the first card. This is termed as “Drop”

  •   If a player drops in 101 game – the score is 20
  •  If a player drops in 201 game – the score is 25
  • A Player cannot drop in Best of 2 and Best of 3.

Middle Drop –
A Player can choose not to play the game after a round by neither drawing nor discarding the cards. This is called “Middle Drop”

  •  If a player does middle drop in 101 – the score is 40
  • If a player does middle drop in 201 – the score is 50
  •  A Player cannot do middle drop in Best of 2 and Best of 3.

Full Count –
Full Count is the maximum score a player gets for one round. For all the rummy games at Ace2Three, the full count is 80.

Validation Rules –
To place a successful show, a player must have 1 Pure Life and 1 Life with or without Jokers.


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