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Common Rummy Terminology Used in Online Rummy Portal!

There are few terms which are used while playing rummy card games online that defines well about the game. Today, let’s discuss the common rummy glossary to understand the game even better.  Table – A table is where all the rummy games are played. Players join a table of either 2 players or 6 players according to their choice.  Draw & Discard – In all the rummy games, each player is dealt with cards and rest of the cards are kept in the middle of the table. Once a player gets his move, he has to draw a card from the pile and get rid of one useless card. This is called discarding.  A player can draw the card either from the open discarded pile or from the undealt cards. Group – Players can group their cards according to their choice. On Ace2Three table, when a player selects 2 or more cards, he is shown “ Group ” button, clicking on it will create a separate group for the selected cards. Round – A round in any rummy game starts with dealing the ca

Questions That Pops Up in the Mind of Every New Rummy Players!

Rummy is the most popular card game, famous in various countries with little modifications to the original one to suit their styles. This rummy card game has been played since ages and now the game is available online where people can play variety of rummy games with millions of players. Indian Rummy is one kind which is widely played and there are so many online sites available where players interact socially and play games for fun and enjoyment. Who Can Play at Online Rummy Site? Players who are above 18 years of age are allowed to sign up on the rummy site.  Players with 21yrs of age can play this card game for real money. Is It Safe, Secure and Legal to Play? With so much of security provided in the online rummy portal, there are simply no chance of any fraud activity. Games are monitored 24*7 round the clock and anti-collusion measures are taken if any fraud /fake activities detected. The seating arrangements are random and shuffling & distribution of car

Play Rummy on The Go – Download for Android & iOS

Experience the real fun of playing rummy games on your phone by simply downloading the Ace2Three App available for both Android & iOS devices giving users a delightful experience of playing rummy games. The motive of launching the Rummy App was to provide users the facility of playing rummy card games – Anytime Anywhere. And the Bonus offer by Ace2Three will add double fun to it when you download the App. An instant cash of Rs.25 will be credited to your Account, the first time you download the real Cash App.  The App is compatible with both Android & iOS devices and special attention is given to the interface which runs smoothly and adapts to any device irrespective of the screen size. Feel the world – class rummy experience with Ace2Three App & turn your leisure time into worth playing games.  Ace2Three – A Haven for 13 Card Games    The most trusted, oldest & the largest online rummy portal in India     More than 7 million registered players

Your Rummy Anna is Waiting for You!

In Love with Indian Rummy ? Looking for a Rummy partner with whom you can play unlimited rummy games & never get bored? Ace2Three is your new home to play a wide range of rummy games where millions of players are waiting for you. Register today for free & enjoy the ultimate rummy experience on the go. Follow the true mantra of playing rummy @ Ace2Three – Anywhere! Anytime. Come & Join The Fun Crowd! :)