Some Common Misconceptions about Indian Rummy!

Everyone loves to play Indian rummy games but despite its popularity, there are some misconceptions among the players.  Here are some mentioned below.

Rummy is Not Legal to play –

It is said that people often get confused with the legality of the rummy card game as any game associated with cash are considered as illegal to play. But, this is not the case with rummy, as playing rummy with real cash is absolutely legal because the game is considered as a game of skill and thus exempted from the law of betting or gambling.  

No real Players to play with –

Online rummy has taken the Indian gaming industry by storm and has become a popular game among every age group. The massive growth of players on the online rummy website has grown exponentially and currently, Ace2Three serve its services to more than 8 million players. And thus you can find your true rummy partner at Ace2Three at any time of the day or late night. 

Confusion – Online or Offline?

Players who tend to play rummy offline often find difficult to switch to the online version of the game. But, it is worthwhile to note that playing rummy online is simple & hassle-free. The various options available online will make the gaming experience an exhilarating one. Also, different types of bonuses can be availed once you become a member of the online rummy site. 

Play only one game type –

The online rummy site provides huge assortments of games and tournaments that would fill your life with joy and excitement. Some of the popular rummy variants are Pool games, Points rummy, Deals rummy; and most-played tournaments are Beginner tourneys, Saturday tourney, Freeroll and much more… These tourneys bring large participants to the single platform who share the common interest.


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