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Prime Importance of Joker in Rummy Card Games

In India, playing card games have always been on the top list - be it a special occasion, family get together or a train journey. Playing card games with family and friends brings the memories, laughter and bind everyone together.  Rummy being one of the popular card games among every age group has now become the most played card games in the Indian gaming industry. The digital platform for playing rummy online offers a secure environment where people with common interest joins over a table and play for fun.  What is Joker & Its Importance?   Rummy game is played between 2 or 6 players with a deck of 52 cards consisting of one Joker card. At the start of the every game, cards are shuffled and a random card is taken out. This card is considered as the Joker of the game; also called as Cut Joker. The cut joker and the printed Joker are considered as the “wild cards” in the game. With Joker as a wild card, the chances of winning increases and thus given th